Your Brain on Art 2021: that’s a wrap!

Your Brain on Art 2021: that’s a wrap!

A first for Branch Out, Your Brain on Art 2021 was an entirely virtually event! We were absolutely blown away by the energy and success of the (online) evening.

March 18, 2021

After months of planning, we transitioned Your Brain on Art 2021 to a 100% online event – a FIRST in Branch Out’s history! We were absolutely blown away by the energy and success of the virtual evening.

On Thursday, March 11, 2021, on desktops, laptops and mobile phones from across Canada, guests hopped online and joined the virtual party! When VIP ticket holders heard the ‘ding’ at their doorbell, they were greeted with an Experience Box that included a three-course, gourmet dinner from Bridgette Bar, custom cocktails from Last Best Brewery, an Art Catalogue and other surprises.

The virtual evening continued with our phenomenal host Leah Sarich. For over 23 years, Leah has worked as a broadcast journalist in numerous roles, including Health Reporter, News Anchor and Morning Show Host. Currently, Leah is the Head of Story for Thin Air Labs, an innovation and investment firm that nurtures ventures for the regenerative economy.

Leah kicked things off with an overview of Your Brain on Art and by thanking our 2021 Sponsors:

Thin Air Labs

⭐️ GOLD ⭐️
PearTree Canada
Hotchkiss Brain Institute

Ralph Gregory Memorial Foundation
Mawer Investment Management Ltd.
Elevate Auctions

Bridgette Bar, Food Partner
Last Best Brewing Company, Drink Partner

Leah introduced guests to Tresa Gibson, a passionate artist and brain health advocate. Tresa was live in the studio painting a piece that would be sold later in the evening in a live auction. This year, we had thirty-six (36) participating artists and scientists. Throughout the evening, guests were able to bid on their favourite science-inspired artwork in an online auction. The art auction raised over $11,000!

Leah then introduced guests to YBOA 2021’s keynote speaker, Dr. Tracy Thomson, HBsc, MD, CCFP, FCFP, ABAARM. Dr. Thomson is a practicing family medical doctor, educator, and speaker. She is internationally renowned for her functional regenerative and integrative medicine practice and focuses on how the brain impacts the body as a whole. Dr. Thomson’s timely keynote focused on the brain’s resiliency and is an incredible reminder of the importance of mental health. Dr. Thomson offers tools and practices we can do every day to improve the resiliency of our brain.

It was then time for the live auction! Bill Brown, a veteran auctioneer from Elevate Auctions, led guests on a zippy and exciting live auction! People made their bids in the comments section on the virtual platform, and guests could interact and encourage (egg on) each other. After some fun competition, Tresa’s piece was sold for a whopping $3,500 in the name of alternative neurological research!

After the evening’s formal program ended, guests grabbed another cocktail and continued their conversations in the virtual gala. Discussions around art, science and the brain’s resiliency continued well into the evening!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Third Annual Your Brain on Art. We were blown away by your support and the success of the evening. See you next year!