Special Announcement on Changes at Branch Out

Special Announcement on Changes at Branch Out

In some bittersweet news, Branch Out executive director and co-founder Crystal Phillips will be stepping down.

November 7, 2019

Crystal Phillips co-founded the Branch Out Neurological Foundation on November 23rd, 2010. Over the last nine years as Executive Director, she’s inspired thousands around the world to accelerate tech and non-pharmaceutical solutions to neurological disorders, making Branch Out the incredible organization it is today.

All that success has created new opportunities for both Branch Out and Crystal, and we’re excited to announce Crystal accepted a new position in the health sector. She will be stepping out of the Executive Director role, meaning Branch Out is opening the doors for new creative energy and leadership. We are now hiring for a new dynamic leader to champion the Branch Out vision!

Crystal will remain an integral part of Branch Out as a director on our Board. She will continue to be a dedicated ‘Branchy’ and is already training for ‘Queen of the Mountain’ at the 10th Annual Branch Out Bike Tour!

Her new job, you ask? She is joining Thin Air Labs, an emerging company created by a group of veteran entrepreneurs and design thinkers who are taking bold steps to activate economic development in Calgary. Through new investments and strategy, Crystal will help build a health-focused fund and ecosystem in Calgary to support companies in areas like neurology, precision medicine and health technologies.

A message from Crystal

“I’m thrilled on so many levels. I’m excited to watch and help a new leader grow Branch Out to the next level, to move into a new strategic role within Branch Out and to join the Thin Air Labs team. Of course, and as always, I’m excited to participate in my favorite events of the year; The Branch Out Bike Tour and Your Brain On Art. Thank you to everyone who has helped me lead Branch Out over the last ten years, it’s a privilege to have teammates like you to help make neurological disorders a thing of the past. Let’s keep the momentum going!”

– Crystal Phillips