Moving Beyond THC and Testing Dosage Effects of Cannabinoid THCP


Rachel Andres

Principal Investigator

Dr. Robert Laprairie


University of Saskatchewan

Grant Type



About the researcher

Rachel Andres

Undergraduate Student at the University of Saskatchewan

The impact

While there has been great research to clarify the risks and therapeutic potential of Cannabis, these studies have almost exclusively focused on two Cannabinoids: THC and CBD. This study set out to understand the differences between intoxication levels induced by THCP and THC in order to inform policies for possible therapeutic use.

The study

This project investigated the toxicity levels of THCP, a new cannabinoid thought to be more potent than THC. These researchers wished to uncover what this higher potency means for Cannabis recommendations and will be a critical first step in developing policies for Cannabis use. Their findings revealed no discernible difference in behavior between the two, potentially rewriting the rules of THCP’s usage in therapy.

What's next?

Once further research is done, standards for THCP usage in therapeutic contexts will be clarified.

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