Haley Vecchiarelli

Dr. Haley Vecchiarelli, PhD

Research Co-chair

Meet Haley, Branch Out’s passionate Scientific Review Panel Co-Chair, dedicated to advancing NeuroCAM exploration.

Grateful for BONF’s support as a former PhD grant recipient, Haley now shapes the organization’s future. With a BA from Barnard College (2010) and MSc/PhD from the University of Calgary (2014/2020), Haley’s academic journey reflects her dedication. Inspired by a high school internship, she explores brain infections and stress, paving the way for her current research. Completing her PhD stands as a highlight, driving Haley to create inclusive workspaces and advocate for her passions. Excited by brain mysteries, she dreams of becoming a supportive professor, leaving a lasting impact on her students.

Outside academia, Haley enjoys cooking, video games, and skincare. Her vision for the next five years? Inspiring others while unraveling the brain’s wonders.