Special Purpose Grant: Toronto Multiple Sclerosis NeuroCAM

This Special Purpose Grant is for principal investigators at the University of Toronto.


This Special Purpose Grant for Principal Investigators is aimed to catalyze neuroCAM approaches to treating Multiple Sclerosis at the University of Toronto by funding the acquisition of new equipment, infrastructure, and building collaborations as a longer term investment for new directions for a lab.

While Branch Out is excited to fund research anywhere along the bench-to-bedside spectrum, the key goal of this grant is to move our understanding of neuroCAM approaches to Multiple Sclerosis along this spectrum towards community-based impact for patients.

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Important Information

Eligibility and Conditions

  • This grant must be held in conjunction with a faculty member at the University of Toronto, though collaborations with other Universities and community organizations are highly valued.
  • For the 2022 granting cycle, the following challenges have been posed for innovative research grants:
    • Nutraceutical and Mind and Body treatment approaches for managing neuroinflammation.
    • Mobility-based rehabilitation for Multiple Sclerosis.
    • Remote assessment and/or intervention technology for Multiple Sclerosis.
    • Understanding the development of Multiple Sclerosis to inform lifestyle-based preventative measures.
  • Branch Out values collaborative projects, particularly those that bring the benefits of academic research into the community abroad. The most competitive applications will leverage collaborations to maximize the community impact of the research project and have novel knowledge translation plans.