Calgary Corporate Challenge

Branch Out has been a proud partner of the Calgary Corporate Challenge for many years. We’re looking forward to getting to know your organization and staff, and talk about all things brain health!

Please review our opportunities below. If you have any questions, get in touch by emailing us at

Give Awareness (1 point)

Book a Branch Out Brainwave. Organize a brainy Lunch ‘n’ Learn for you and your colleagues. Choose from a selection of exciting and relevant research topics in the field of neuroscience, learn from a budding neuroscientist or two, and leave just a bit smarter! Topics available to choose from:

Accelerating brain recovery with music – Dr. Ty McKinney 

Music has a special place in our brain that neuroscientists are only just beginning to figure out. In this Brainwave, attendees will learn about Branch Out funded research on how music can be used to not just increase quality of life, but improve physical health. 

Validating ancient wisdom: indigenous neuroCAM – Dr. McKinney

Indigenous people have been using ceremony and community as integral brain health support systems for thousands of years. In the spirit of Truth and Reconciliation, this Brainwave is exploring an Indigenous perspective on brain health, featuring two Alberta-based research studies funded by Branch Out.

Why giving is good for your brain- Dr. McKinney

The companies in CCC are well aware that charity and volunteerism are important. What they might not know, is why those actions are great for brain health. In this Brainwave, attendees will learn about the neuroscience of how the act of giving protects against mental health conditions.

To book a Brainwave, email us at 

Please include which topic your company is interested in, and some dates & times that work for you.

Give Back
(1 point)

Play the Branch Out Brain Health Challenge!

This opportunity is designed to promote team building while learning about brain health and giving back. 

The rules are simple:

Gather your colleagues and form a team. ( Minimum 2 – Maximum 6)  


Complete all three tasks (descriptions can be found below):

  • Mind Maze
  • Neuron Navigator
  • Brain Boost Contribution

Email us (at when you’ve finished all three tasks, and receive one point!


For tasks with a social media component, you only need to post to LinkedIn, and additional platforms if you’d like. Tag both Branch Out and Calgary Corporate Challenge:

Facebook: @BranchOutFoundation / @CalgaryCorporateChallenge
Instagram: @branchoutnf / @calgarycorporatechallenge
LinkedIn: @branchoutfoundation / @calgarycorporatechallenge
Twitter: @BranchOutNF / @Corp_Challenge


Here's how each task works

Mind Maze - Word Search

Dive into the captivating world of our Mind Maze – a word search extravaganza centered around neurological disorders and themes. Take a moment to give your brain a playful workout and indulge your inner child. This fun activity serves as the perfect warm-up for the challenges ahead. Remember, you’re only required to complete one, but if you’re up for the challenge, feel free to tackle them all! Let the brain games begin!

Click below to access the Word Search puzzle.

Complete the puzzle and send your solved masterpiece to

Neuron Navigator

  1. Embark on a thrilling adventure by visiting the Branch office to collect your Branchy branded sunglasses (4 pairs per team).
  2. Sunglass pickup available between 10am-2pm on Mondays, please let us know when you are coming and we will have a team member connect with you the day of. Our address is: 838 11 Ave SW Suite 202, Calgary, AB T2R 0E5. Need a different time? Just let us know! 
  3. Explore the cityscape and capture photos wearing the sunglasses next to 3 iconic Calgary landmarks. Let your creativity shine as you ensure the Branch Out logo on the sunglasses is prominently displayed in each photo.
  4. Get ready for a fun and engaging expedition that promises unforgettable moments and endless smiles!
  5. After completing the expedition, share your experience /task and tag both Branch Out and Calgary Corporate Challenge on LinkedIn. You can also share your photos on other platforms:

LinkedIn: @branchoutfoundation / @calgarycorporatechallenge

Facebook: @BranchOutFoundation / @CalgaryCorporateChallenge

Instagram: @branchoutnf / @calgarycorporatechallenge

Twitter: @BranchOutNF / @Corp_Challenge

Brain Boost Contribution

The Power of Pocket Change

Every bit counts! Your donation, no matter how modest, fuels our research funding and drives our incredible initiatives in neuroCAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) and alternative solutions.

  • Pool together and make an impact with a small gesture by donating $20 or more.

Simply provide proof of your donation via email to make a difference in advancing brain health and supporting those affected by neurological disorders. Together, let’s amplify the power of pocket change!

See the donation link above or click here

Give More (1 point)

Make a high impact donation. Branch Out fundraises to support a wide variety of research into neurological disorders. A high impact donation would allow us to provide a significant amount of funding to one research project.

Bronze ($500)

Have your company’s name and logo listed on our website as a supporter of Branch Out.

Silver ($1,000)

Choose a particular neurological disorder that is important to you, and we will try our best to allocate your donation to a research project that aligns with it (depending on the applications received this year). Plus, you’ll receive the bronze tier reward!

Gold ($2,000)

We will create a Branch Out Impact Grant in your company’s name. The Impact Grant helps get research outside of the lab, and into the community where it can make a real impact. These grants are awarded year-round and can have a value of up to $2,000. We’ll also write up a news feature on the Impact Grant,  which will mention your company and include your logo. 

Branch Out
Bike Tour 2024

The Branch Out Bike Tour is our largest annual fundraising event, helping raise over $3.5M for neurological research. It attracts over 300 riders of all levels, 50 volunteers and over 30 sponsors. The event is located in Panorama, BC on June 7-9 2024. 

SIGN UP as a volunteer, rider or team, to receive this point along with having an incredible weekend!! (a minimum of 3 people registered to receive points)

The Branch Out Bike Tour is more than just a ride. It’s a weekend that brings together a community and celebrates YOU, our incredible donors and supporters. We cherish this annual getaway to escape to the mountains, sweat and let loose with our favourite humans for a great cause. 

For more information on Bike Tour:

To register, click here:

Donations can be made online or via cheque, money order, etc. 

Please get in touch with us at to get started.

Donations can be made online or via cheque, money order, etc. 

Please get in touch with us at to get started.

Bonus point! (1 point)

Complete all three giving opportunities, and you’ll receive a bonus point! You can also feel good about the good you’ve done for healthy brains 😁