Calgary Corporate Challenge

Branch Out has been a proud partner of the Calgary Corporate Challenge for many years. We’re looking forward to getting to know your organization and staff, and talk about all things brain health!

Please review our opportunities below. If you have any questions, get in touch by emailing us at

Give Awareness (1 point)

Book a Branch Out Brainwave. Organize a brainy Lunch ‘n’ Learn for you and your colleagues. Choose from a selection of exciting and relevant research topics in the field of neuroscience, learn from a budding neuroscientist or two, and leave just a bit smarter! Topics available to choose from:

Your Brain on Sleep

Recovery is a crucial component of brain health, and the best kind of recovery is our sleep. At this Brainwave, learn about how sleep impacts both physical and mental health, featuring research funded by Branch Out.

Breathing for Your Brain

Your breath is a powerful tool to unlock your brain’s full potential. At this Brainwave, Dr. Ty “the Neuroguy” McKinney explains the neuroscience of breathwork and Lola Shanks from Status Flow Breath and Life Coaching provides exercises to experience these brain hacks for yourself.

Early Life Trauma and Brain Health

The first several years of our life are critical for brain development. At this Brainwave, learn about the impact of early childhood adversity and a framework for providing the support these people need to live their best lives.

Psychedelics: the Next Frontier of Mental Health Treatment

Your breath is a powerful tool to unlock your brain’s full potential. At this Brainwave, Dr. Ty “the Neuroguy” McKinney explains the neuroscience of breathwork and Lola Shanks from Status Flow Breath and Life Coaching provides exercises to experience these brain hacks for yourself.

Why Giving is Good for Your Brain

Everyone loves to receive gifts and support, but did you know that your brain gets benefits from the act of giving as well? At this Brainwave, learn why charitable activities improve your mental health for both you and your community.

If your company attended a ‘Brain Buster’ in previous years, the Brainwave is similar, but you’ll have some new topics to choose from!

*some scientists may need to join virtually if they are not based locally.

Give Back
(1 point)

Play the Branch Out Brain Health Challenge! Gather your colleagues to form a team (of any size) and take on our Brain Health Challenge! The rules are simple:


Select one column for your team to tackle ( A, B, C, or D).


Complete all five tasks in your column to earn one point!


For tasks with a social media component, you only need to post to one of the following platforms, and tag both Branch Out and Calgary Corporate Challenge:

Facebook: @BranchOutFoundation / @CalgaryCorporateChallenge
Instagram: @branchoutnf / @calgarycorporatechallenge
LinkedIn: @branchoutfoundation / @calgarycorporatechallenge
Twitter: @BranchOutNF / @Corp_Challenge


Here's how each task works


Branch Out provides funding to incredible scientists who are pushing the status quo and leading the way for innovation and alternative solutions to neurological disorders. Step into their shoes and watch as they describe their research – in entirely science-speak!

Watch a video (under 3 minutes) of one of our scientists explaining their research, and then work together as a team to translate their jargon into everyday English. No internet searches or dictionaries allowed! Email your team’s best guess to

Gift card

Pool together to purchase a gift card to donate to Branch Out. As a non-profit, Branch Out relies heavily on the kindness and support of volunteers. Gift cards are a small but impactful way for us to show our gratitude to them.

Gift cards should be for businesses in Calgary, and have a value between $20-50. Some examples: coffee shops (Starbucks, Rosso Coffee Roasters, etc.), grocery stores (Co-op, Bridgeland Market, etc.), or any small business based in Calgary (Luke’s Drug Mart, Silk Road Spice Merchant, Made by Marcus, etc.) Please ensure that your gift card does not have an expiry date.

E-gift cards can be sent to

For physical gift cards, they can be mailed or dropped off at our location. If dropping off, please arrange a time by contacting

Our mailing address is:

Branch Out Neurological Foundation | Care of Thin Air Labs Inc. | P.O. Box 13141 Calgary, AB T2R 1C6


Many of our supporters choose to donate because someone close to them has struggled with a neurological disorder. Others are inspired by a courageous story they may have heard or read.

Find a resource or a story that touches on a neurological disorder, mental health, brain health, etc. and share it on social media! Some examples might be:

  • Someone sharing their experience with a neurological disorder or mental health on social media
  • A memoir or self-help book that explores the struggle of living with neurological disorders or a mental health issue
  • A news article highlighting new research, funding, etc. about a neurological disorder or mental health

Be sure to tag Branch Out and Calgary Corporate Challenge in your post!


As a team, visit a piece of public art anywhere in Calgary, and interpret the work through a neurological lens! Some examples of art you could visit:

  • A mural (find a map here)
  • A piece of public art (such as the “Wonderland” sculpture, the bent-wire head in front of the Bow building. See a full gallery here)

There are no wrong answers when interpreting art – be as creative and imaginative as you possibly can!

Take a photo of your team in front of the art, and upload it to social media. Be sure to write your interpretation in the caption and tag Branch Out and Calgary Corporate Challenge!

Warm Up

Research has shown how important physical activity is for brain health.

Upload a post on social media showing how your team incorporates some physical activity during the busy day. Some examples:

  • Go for a team walk around the block during your lunch break (and take a group photo!)
  • Find a stretching exercise video on YouTube, push aside some tables, and stretch together as a group!
  • Does someone commute to work by bike or foot? Ask them to share their experience or a favourite part of their route.
  • Avid hiker on your team? Get them to share their favourite trail.


In the caption, be sure to mention the benefits of physical activity for mental health, and tag Branch Out and Calgary Corporate Challenge in your post!

Give More (1 point)

Make a high impact donation. Branch Out fundraises to support a wide variety of research into neurological disorders. A high impact donation would allow us to provide a significant amount of funding to one research project.

Bronze ($500)

Have your company’s name and logo listed on our website as a supporter of Branch Out.

Silver ($1,000)

Choose a particular neurological disorder that is important to you, and we will try our best to allocate your donation to a research project that aligns with it (depending on the applications received this year). Plus, you’ll receive the bronze tier reward!

Gold ($2,000)

We will create a Branch Out Impact Grant in your company’s name. The Impact Grant helps get research outside of the lab, and into the community where it can make a real impact. These grants are awarded year-round and can have a value of up to $2,000. In addition to the bronze and silver tier rewards, your company’s logo will be on the dedicated research page for your Impact Grant. To learn more about Impact Grants, click here.

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