Brainstem neuromodulation in sleep apnea


Sudi Duan

Principal Investigator

Dr. Silvia Pagliardini


University of Alberta

Grant Type



Sleep apnea

About the researcher

Sudi Duan

Undergraduate student at the University of Alberta

The impact

Sleep apnea is a disorder characterized by loss of muscle tone in the tongue and airway, resulting in short periods of suffocation in sleep. Little is known about the neuromodulatory aspects of normal muscle tone in sleep, let alone abnormal conditions like sleep apnea. 

The study

This project uses state of the art optogenetics technology to explore the neural circuitry in sleep breathing.

What's next?

Sleep apnea is currently treated with a bulky mechanical respirator that has limited success. The findings from this project could identify targets that would allow for the development of less-invasive treatments.

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